Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Miscellany

More random, not important enough to have a whole blog post, tid bits today! 

This was in the October West Elm catalog, but since when did West Elm use Harry Potter font? I laughed out loud when I saw it and ran over to compare it to my books. Yep. You too can have Harry Potter font on your dishes. I know that's my goal in life. ;)

Rob removed the ugly ugly globe off the florescent kitchen light. It was casting a weird green glow. Now it's a jumble of wires but maybe it will motivate us to get it changed pronto!

I found $5 mums from Lowes in the clearance aisle. 

And I got a new entrance rug. Of course, right after Rob's parents left we had a first frost and I forgot/ didn't know to cover them. They are dead now. :( I will plant them in the back yard though. 

Plus I stole the baskets they were in since they were still in good shape. I have a basket addiction and Loki has a photo bomb addiction!

Our front door still has the sticky goo that the winterization notice left on it. I CANNOT GET IT OFF!! Please help. It is tacky :(

I put the wreath up too... after the mums had died. The wreath works well to distract your eye from the peeling horribleness of the door. 

See? What stickyness on the door? What peeling paint job? All there is is Pumpkin Glory! ;)

Lastly, I've been painting the trim. It's not a huge difference, but its a bit more crisp white now. See the new paint and the old cream one? I am too manly to use painters tape. Hence the slight dribble on the carpet. 


  1. Have you tried Goo Gone for the sticky mess? Use it with a Magic Eraser - don't rub too hard - then wipe clean. It might take more than one time wiping off the Goo Gone - and you might lose a little paint - but the darned stuff works miracles. Cheaper yet - spray some WD 40 on a cloth that you don't love anymore and wipe till the sticky mess on the door comes up.
    Good luck!

  2. Don't worry. I killed my mums too. I do it every year. My husband just told me that I can't buy any next year. Luckily he forgets. :P

    That trim painting difference is impressive! Here's a trick. I take a piece of thin cardboard (cereal box, pop can box, etc) and slide it under the trim as I paint. Works like a charm!


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