Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rare Organization Compulsive Disorder

Progress on the living room painting has kind of maybe halted. We are lazy, I am sorry. I have gotten some art work done for that room to go over the couches but I need to wait til we actually finish painting to hang them up! I'll get there eventually, hopefully before Thanksgiving. Rob said as soon as the living room is painted, we can put up all the Christmas decorations!! Motivation!

Anyways, I've been watching hoarders all week. Today while I was eating Hot Buffalo Wing pretzels on the couch (don't judge! It's a slow time for subbing I guess) I suddenly got embarrassed about the state of our closets. We definitely aren't hoarders (unless you count the boxes that electronics come in which Rob religiously keeps), but our closets downstairs are still all higgly piggly since the move. We've just been chucking stuff in them when people come over. Well no more!

I pulled up my panties and went at both the walk in closet in the mancave and the closet under the stairs (Harry Potter's room). Don't worry though, I kept hoarders on netflix the whole time. Whats with people and out of date food items?! Yuck.

This is the mancave closet, it has to work as our "garage" since we don't have one anymore. Hence the giant table saw in the doorway, paint cans, car stuff, and various drills/sanders. I knows its not glorious, but it's organized and that's all that matters. 

I threw out 5 gallons of paint (left over from the previous owners, like I want to keep my walls "off white"??? I also ditched a few almost empty spray paint cans. I kept my furniture painting arsenal though of course. The basket is for paint brushes, putty knives, and roller replacements. 

Car stuff on the top shelf (and Rob's waxing arsenel for his baby car). The second shelf has our picture hanging kit, electric sanders, and drill.

Empty electronic boxes. Rob would kill me if I got rid of them. Also dvd player and vhs. Those will probably go soon, we don't use them anymore, but I am loathe to ditch my old disney movies.... oh dear I might go throw them away now. 

Power tools. Rawr. 

Yay. I didn't take a picture of a before. But just think back to any hoarders episodes you've seen and you'll get the general gist. 

This room was particularly bad and ill used. This is our closet that is under the stairs. Before organizing, it had the book shelf that is in the other closet now, in it. I wanted to use this space as a proper coat closet though so I condensed everything from both closets into the mancave one. Now it is useful! :)

On the other side of the closet are some shelves. The top shelf is for mail sorting, and the bottom two hold baskets with our gloves, hats, and scarves in them. It's almost snow weather here!

Behind the shelves is an open area where I stashed all of our brooms, pan and powermop (which is awesome).

Behind the coats/ hanging rod is an open area for space to open a small door leading to the water heater and such... so I stuck a small plastic shelving system back there where you can't see it. More storage for cleaning supplies, our mop bucket, and icebox. 

So it's like the front half of the closet is a coat closet, the back half is a cleaning closet. 

Rob was very proud of me for cleaning all this stuff out, and I'm proud that I can watch hoarders in peace with a guilty conscience!


  1. Wow nice job. I love the "pulled my panties up" quote.

  2. Hi, I wanted to let you know I'm a new follower. I LOVE this blog! I'm 22 and living in an okay apartment with my boyfriend. We're looking into renting a house, but really want to buy one ASAP. I just graduated college last December, and am currently unemployed. Luckily hubby has a good union job so we're living. :) Anyway I love how you are going about furnishing and decorating your home! We got lucky with a lot of hand me down furniture, but will need more/to upgrade soon. I'm Goodwill obsessed. I can't wait for more of your posts!
    - Alicia

    (PS - I have a ton of blogs/twitter etc, but my Facebook page usually has links to my stuff if you're at all interested.)


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