Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Guest Bedroom Tweakage

This is a month old technically, but I completely forgot I had not yet mentioned it! 

We hung the curtains in the guest bedroom, now the room feels much softer. 

This room is fairly impossible to photograph in the early morning :( Sorry for the weird colors. The curtains look good though don't they? 

The rod is a $22 Oil rubbed bronze rod set from Target, the curtains are WILMA $14.99 for a pair (or close enough) from IKEA. I LOVE these curtains, we used 6 panels on these windows since they're light and airy. The shades I made using mini blinds and walmart unbleached muslin for ~$4 a yard. 

The room before looked so harsh:

And yeah, I was too lazy to properly make the bed before I took the new pictures... the sheets were in the washing machine anyways. :) 

Click here to see the original post on the guest bedroom (link). 


  1. Ha! I totally didn't even notice the bed wasn't really made 'till you said something :) The curtains do make the room look softer, very nice!

  2. love it! the curtains definitely make the room feel cozier. love that dresser, too.


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