Tuesday, November 1, 2011


To break up the slew of not so great pictures, I thought I'd post some gorgeous photos that Rob took during our weekend with the guests in the Smokey Mountains (of TN).

My personal favorite photo due to the sunlight streaming in:

Some water,

Lovely views,

These log cabins confused me, they're in the middle of a scenic road north of Gatlinburg... They're obviously lovely but completely random in my opinion. 

Some peaceful aloneness,


I loved this tree the most. That eye wateringly vibrant shade of candy red is my favorite.

Yes, NONE of these pictures are edited. It was just that gorgeous and perfect.

I am going to put these into prints and hang them somewhere, I think!

While driving to our hiking trails, we even saw a momma bear and her two cubs! So sweet to watch... from a very far distance. Some people (foreign tourists) went right up next to them. Dumbasses. 

And for giggles, here's some bear poop. 

Mr. Bear was very regular ;)

You're welcome!

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