Thursday, November 24, 2011

Design Irks: Tvs

First off, HAPPY TURKEY DAY! I hope your arteries last through the day ;) now onto my super important rant of the day...

I read a lot of blogs, some are DIY couples fixing up their homes for cheap, like ours, but others pay close attention to design 'laws': like Emily Clark, Little Green Notebook, and even House*Tweaking. I love love love their blogs and posts, but sometimes I get annoyed at things that the unknown "design laws" dictate about some things. Mainly I get annoyed at the treatment of TVs.

I don't understand why it's such a sin to leave your TV out in the open. Will the design gods smite me with lightening?

I don't know about your fancy flat screen TV, but we paid good money for ours (not full price though, surely you know me by now? We've gotten ours on CL or black friday scores). If I hid it I would not pay that much for the piece of art hiding it. So why cover expensive with cheap??

We also use our TVs every night and our large plasma in the mancave is kept on most of the weekend with Call of Duty or Battlefield or some such (teen mom on netflix holla!). Hiding it would be SO much effort.

Okay, so this is kinda cool. 

Maybe it's because I'm a part of generation "Me". I am a 90's kid. I'm 22 and I was raised with a computer in my room since I was 5. To me, expensive electronics are something to brag about, I WANT people to see my huge ass TV that Rob and I scoured the internet for weeks to find. And if you come over for a game night then you will be happy to see your zombies in HD screaming at you in surround sound ;)

This image is just stupid. Unless you have an ikea couch, that TV is way too low to be useful for anything. Why bother buying it? Just get an old boob tube and chuck it in an old TV cabinet. 

This doesn't hide it in my eyes, it emphasizes that you're embarrassed by it. "I feel shame from my TV". 

I guess my point is that if you have spent hundreds of dollars on a TV, it is insulting to me to be told that it is an "eyesore" and that it should be hidden. Maybe I am part man, I don't know. But I do know that that's more than I will ever spent on any piece of art so I am certainly not going to hide it. Besides, it's black. What's so bad about black?!

I don't mind these gallery walls, but I think with the TV turned ON that wall would begin to look cluttered in my eyes, or it would distract me mid Gossip Girl. That's more of a sin in my eyes. 

Anyone else agree with me? Or am I just weird? Or am I in love my TV too much? Haha

Obviously if it's an old huge TV then yeah its not something you want to show off--  thrift stores are full of big TV cabinets now, so you can hide it for cheapsies. 

(All images from pinterest. I searched for "hide tv". I am feeling too lazy to link up each link... plus, there is a Mythbusters marathon on!)


  1. You're young so I am going to make that your excuse for not minding a huge brain cell destroyer being a focal point of a room. Especially when the watcher watches things like "Teen Mom"... do you really watch that show??!! =P

    Being "older", I fully agree with it not being the first thing you see walking into a room, no matter how much was spent on it. Televisions are obviously a necessity to many, so integrating it into the design of a room is well suited for those who don't like looking at it constantly. To each their own! =)

  2. I'm with you... our TV is a permanent fixture in our room. Sure I'd love if it were hanging on the wall so that we could tuck it away once in a while but covering it would be waste... then we'd just have these doors sticking out all the time. I also don't think it has anything to do with age. My parents and in-laws are the same - no need for hiding something that is used daily.


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