Friday, November 4, 2011

Mancave Lighting Switch Up, Fan-tastic

For some reason our house has a lot of ceiling fans considering the square footage it has: 4. One in the mancave, living room, master bedroom, and guest bedroom.

The bedroom ones are fairly functional so they're staying for now, or will be replaced with another, prettier, version. But the ones downstairs are just dumb-- plus, the lone bulb in them throws off such a puny yellow light (see the master bedroom glow?). So, we are brainstorming replacements.

The mancave one in particular irked Rob because it was missing it's glass shade. When we were at Ikea months ago in August, Rob picked up the $15 LEDING spotlight to replace it.
Then it waited in it's box until our guests arrived and we put Rob's dad to hard work putting it up there for us! Southern hospitality at it's finest. ;)

I was going to donate the fan but I accidently threw away the fan blades... whoops :(

Ta da!

Just don't step back and take in the rest of the room...

... It's still a wreck. All of the stuff in it is Mancave stuff though at least, we've managed (well, Rob has) to clean out the other stuff. 

Also don't mind the newspaper mummy... it was halloween decoration that never got finished. We'll save it for next year. 

Rob is planning on adding a bar top along the side wall where the bar stools are. 

And yes, that's Rob's Union Jack. He also has a St. George's cross English flag. He's probably going to hang it behind the futon. Gotta represent his home! (as an aside, I really love the union jack and I like using it in our house, but it does bug me when other people use it... we have a claim to it since Rob actually is British, so I feel like other Americans who use it are kinda weird... or posers or something). 

We went with the futon in this room, instead of the extra couch (our free roadside find!), because if multiple guests come at once, the futon  folds out to full size and can sleep two extra guests. So at a pinch, our house can now sleep 6 people, versus 4. I've owned that futon since I was a Sophomore in high school and I can confirm that is deliciously comfortable to sleep on since it was my bed for so many years. The golden oak wood tone might have to go though!

Plus, the futon takes up less floor space than the free couch (which is huge at 9 feet long!!), so we might be able to squeeze in an extra chair for maximum gaming. 

As you can see, this room is tiny (although it's the same size as my dorm room my freshman year of college was!) 

The wall where the bike is, is where the 32 in flat screen will be hung on the wall, over his army trunk he found. I have no clue what he's going to do with the bike. 

Anyways, progress is happening!

Before - 

 After -

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  1. I like that light a lot!

    I'll be waiting for the newspaper mummy next October. ;)


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