Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Anyone Know How to Install This? Got a Dishwasher!

(If you have eagle eyes you might notice my Christmas tree still up. Klassy). 

Again, I am loved. My Nana got a new stainless steel dishwasher for christmas so she gave me her old one. It's black (like the rest of our appliances), but it's about 10 years newer, name brand, has 2 spinners, more room inside, and most importantly, it's QUIET! It also looks a bit sleeker and more modern compared to the old one behind it in the picture. Our current one is an off-brand Roper. It works okay, we can't leave chunky dishes in it and expect it to come clean...  but it's so loud we only run it when we're about to leave the house.

Only problem is that we don't really know how to swap them out. We also don't feel like paying a $150 service fee to have some professional come do it either. Youtube videos to the rescue?! Anyone done this before and can convince me we won't flood our house if we attempt it ourselves??

On a personal note: ugh! Anyone else glad hump day is over?!. This week has been frantic-- I've cried about 4 times in the last few days! I am setting up my classes for this semester at EKU, which is causing drama because I need overrides for everything, which means standing in lines for hours. I was in a middle school geometry class... but I corrected the teacher and then I was refused my override. I don't know if those are connected. I was totally right though, and I said it in a nice way!! The other classes will be really good though, I'm excited! If you missed the memo I mentioned a few months ago, I'm going to back to school to pick up a masters in teaching! :)

Rob and I had a huge blow out with the local sewer company too. I went in to get a credit to our account we were told they would give us... only to be treated like dirt and belittled by fat old redneck witches. I am the worlds most pathetic person too because when I get upset I start crying uncontrollably. Plus I get the snubs and swollen eyes. It's not good if you're trying to hold your ground to evil people and can't stop the snot from pouring down your face at the same time!! I am not badass with swollen eyes. I had to call in reinforcements (aka my Nana) and she shamed them into acting right. Yes, I am an adult 22 year old. Hear me roar!


  1. I didn't know you were getting your masters! Nice work, you'll be glad you're done later when everyone else is just thinking about doing it (I know I am! Mine's in Public Administration.) Have fun on your vacation! :)

  2. Put the outlet pipe in the outlet pipe drain (copy what is there) plug in, switch on, go....


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