Monday, January 23, 2012

Progress on the Flooring

Woooo! Vacation was awesome. We spent all last week in a condo in Pigeon Forge. Obviously since it's January it was frickin ass cold the whole time so we used that as an excuse to never be outside :) I know the scenery in the smokies is awesome but so is a heated pool and hot tub when you don't have one at home! Plus, I got to spend a day at MagiQuest-- I've wanted to do that FOREVER but no one ever thought I was serious. 22 year olds can't be magi???! 

My wand was totally bitchin' ;) 

We also went go-karting. I beat Rob on our second round. He was less than pleased when I lapped him and then flipped him off as I was zooming past. Then he was a sore loser and sulked. Muahaha. 

Anyways, it's been a while since my last post on the flooring in the guest room. I warned you that we were going SLOWLY, remember? Okay so be very thrilled at our snail pace so far:

No comments from the peanut gallery on my christmas tree box.

Looking nice.

We decided to put the flooring into the walk in closets on either side of the room too.

Rob has since worked out how to fill those gaps, but they stumped him for a week or so.

It's fairly easy to leave be for a few nights. We just (sorry, Rob just) leaves the sticky tape coverings on so dust and stuff doesn't mess up the glue.

The yellow patches on the floor are wood filler. Our subfloor is less than perfectly flat and the seams between the plywood is noticeable. The woodfiller smooths over the transition better. We're using joint compound now that Rob used my WHOLE $6 container of wood filler. Joint compound is $2 a bucket. Cheaper at the rate he's going. Plus it seems to work a bit better surprisingly. 

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  1. Wow it's looking very good! He's doing all that? I'm impressed. Go Rob!

    1. I'm impressed too! The flooring is his baby... all I do is sweep and fetch him drinks.

  2. Sounds like you had a fantastic vacation!

    The floors are looking good!


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